Edgeway, an infrastructure management that suits you.

You don’t have to be an expert in security, AI, standards, Apps to deploy an infrastructure management that matches with your all business and operational requests.

A Scalable, Smart, Secure Solution as a Service that keeps your business humming along.

Edgeway is designed for

  • IT/OT teams to build and manage an IOT edge network at scale,
  • MLOps integration to handle the mix of AI your organisation needs.
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Cameras infrastructure must be cyber proofed and monitored.

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Cameras cannot be Smart forever!

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Cameras are spread into multiple separate networks.

Be sure of an evolutive and curated AI at the Edge,

Bring into the cloud cameras from multiple independent networks,

Convert your IoT networks into Smart infrastructures whatever is your industry.

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Explore how with our Smart Industries’ stories.


edgeway story smart retail

The whole smart retail revolution is built upon leveraging AI models to derive meaning from inputs provided by sensors that are deployed in shops and warehouses. The key challenge for retailers is how to transform these investments in technologies into growth and profit.


edgeway story smart cities

Smart cities are built upon large-scale smart infrastructures to improve the quality of life, safety and security of the inhabitants. But cities have constrained financial resources which makes funding and financing the smart cities a challenge. However cities have already invested in cameras which are the ubiquitous sensors that enable nearly all smart city use-cases.


edgeway story safety and security

Organisations around the world are relying on multiple networks of camera to protect people, assets, infrastructure, sensitive sites, etc. These networks of cameras are secluded and scattered over multiple sites and buildings which leads not only to costly operation and management but also prevents organisation to leverage AI to deliver effective safety and security.