Make the most of edgeway capabilities

Benefit from a smart infrastructure management at scale.

Virtual camera
edgeway solution schema 1

A unique concept of Virtual Camera
which underpins the ability to federate networks of cameras

A Virtual Camera is an augmented digital twin of any of your already deployed camera. It behaves exactly as the original camera but may be augmented with features delivered by the edge network, such as AI or storage. For any application, interacting with a Virtual Cameras is the same as if it is interacting with a physical camera, it can use the same APIs (i.e. ONVIF).

For instance, if the edge infrastructure is able to store video and/or support the deployment of AI models, then a Virtual Camera may appear with the API of a smart camera with storage capabilities. For the consuming application this is totally transparent as it solely relies on the industry standard ONVIF APIs.

edge based solution
edgeway solution schema 2

Designed as an edge based solution centrally managed from the cloud.

The edge nodes, running the edgeway edge client, are used to onboard the existing cameras (i.e. edge bridge) into the federated network of cameras, and can be supplemented with edge compute nodes for AI computation.

The edgeway Connect (EWC) is the components on which Virtual Cameras are deployed. You can deploy an EWC anywhere you need, either on one of your Cloud subscription or on-premise on your network. All EWCs are centrally managed from the EWM.

always in control of your data
edgeway solution schema 3

Its architecture stands out as you are always in control of your data.

The edgeway Management (EWM) is the Cloud management interface from which you can centrally build and manage the federated networks of cameras, and the 3rd parties AI that your organisation needs.

edgeway solution illustration

Operate a global IoT edge network

edgeway build

Edge Network with legacy cameras

edgeway build schema

Simply deploy & manage any edge gateways

edgeway deploy

Virtual Cameras wherever you need

edgeway deploy schema

Efficiently deploy virtual cameras everywhere you need in your network or Cloud

edgeway deliver

Content & Data
to multiple applications

edgeway deliver schema

From Virtual Camera to any Cloud applications, VMS, AI, MLOps, ERPs, etc.

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edgeway solution square

Power multiple use-cases

edgeway cloud ai

Cloud AI

  • Use any camera of your organisation to feed any Cloud AI
  • One physical camera can feed multiple Cloud AI
  • Cloud AI agnostic supports all AI and major Cloud vendors


edgeway vsaas
  • Move to the Cloud any legacy VMS
  • Bring any camera to any VSaaS
  • Enable 3rd party to build its own VSaaS offering
edgeway hypervision


  • Global control room leveraging all local CCTV
  • Centralise selected feeds from remote sites
  • Zero impact on local site CCTV


edgeway cybersecurity
  • Deploy as bump-in-the-wire to shield cameras
  • API and network firewalling to protect the cameras
  • SIEM / SoC integration ready