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What is edgeway What is edgeway?

Edgeway is the first platform that enables to build and manage federation of network of cameras and seamlessly integrate them with multiple A.I. platforms, to deliver an enterprise smart infrastructure.

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what does edgeway bring
What does edgeway bring?

Edgeway allows you to accelerate projects and ROI by leveraging already deployed cameras, while keeping low CAPEX.

Edgeway empowers your existing infrastructure by reusing all existing cameras and relying on entry point cost-effective and versatile edge gateways.

One camera serves multiple use cases

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why use edgeway Why use edgeway?

For all IoT use-cases in which cameras – old & new - are providing critical inputs, or are the main sensors, edgeway is the mandatory solution enabler to build a decentralized infrastructure tailored to the management of the cameras, the content, the processing of the content, and the communication with the various Cloud-hosted back ends.

  • Build your federated network with edgeway by onboarding all existing cameras.
  • Deploy Virtual Cameras where you need with edgeway.
  • Operate your federated network from edgeway central console.
  • Deliver content and data to business applications, VMS, etc.
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By leveraging the millions of deployed cameras and unleashing their capabilities, edgeway is a Scalable, Smart and Secure solution to make business opportunities possible.

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Edgeway, patent pending, Virtual Camera technology enables you to leverage any camera anywhere in your network or Cloud subscriptions.

A single physical camera can be mapped to multiple Virtual Camera thus enabling one physical camera can feed multiple AI to power multiple use cases.

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Edgeway enables you, at no cost, to transform any legacy camera into a powerful source for any AI.

From edge to cloud, deploy the AI, that you’ve selected, either at the edge or with any cloud AI or application. Relying on a best of breed AI approach, with Bring your Own AI (BYOAI) and pre-integrated with leading AI and MLOps platforms.

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Edgeway enables to comply with GDPR and stringent requirements, as Strict Privacy enforcement is paramount to any industry.

Secure by design, from secure-boot to integration, edgeway provides Cyber security with best-of-breed 3rd parties network agents: network firewall, API firewall, etc. All the content and data always stay with you.

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edgeway case study

The Smart City team of the Dublin City Council engaged with SeeChange (ARM), SmarDTV Global, Civic and Vodafone to demonstrate the applicability and effectiveness of image based A.I. technology to address various use cases in major city settings.

Edgeway nodes were deployed in street cabinets by Civic and then used to onboard cameras, over Vodafone’s 4G cellular network of Vodafone, into a federated network of cameras. SeeChange (ARM) then used its vision A.I. platform to address the traffic surveys and bus lane infringement use-cases.

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edgeway proved EDGEWAY PROVED

  • the accuracy of deploying it on streets;
  • the feasibility of virtual cameras for low latency, 24/7, camera-to-cloud over cellular connectivity;
  • privacy first approach in which all the content is always and solely owned by the organisation.
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